September 12th, 2020

One word that comes to mind when I think of a wedding is the word unique. Here is why…you take a couple with diverse tastes and create a beautiful blend of preferences that are romantically woven into a one of a kind wedding. Even the simplest of details could reflect a couple’s intimate taste. This is why I recommend that my brides spend the time personalizing every detail. The prep pays off, trust me! I believe that choosing the “right” wedding venue is one of the decisions that heavily influences this unique atmosphere. While it can be an intimidating task, it has the potential to be SUCH a blast! After all, you are presented with a blank canvas that the two of you get to envision together, as a team. No better time than the present to practice partnership! Right? Simple or extravagant, boho or glamorous...the venue ties the theme together in a powerful way. Johnny and Sydney chose appropriately for their wedding vision, and it left Sarah and I quite enthusiastic!

When this sweet couple was planning for their wedding, they had to think outside the box for their venue. And while COVID-19 greatly limited their options, they still booked an inspiring spot. Who would have thought that a retired skating rink would be the ticket! The potential for this space exploded in a classy white montage accompanied by a strikingly deep turquoise accents. I couldn’t help but notice the fun angle that these two chose, they told me that they hoped to create a special and exciting celebration for their guests. Let me tell you, they delivered. They kept their focus on the vibe of the day without compromising the overall look with a fun and stunning celebration!

The wedding splendor continued as the entire entourage arrived at The Charlotte Mariott rooftop. Talk about a total DREAM! The lights, the evening was all so breathtaking! This particular hotel had only recently opened up their doors for weddings and they outdid themselves with every detail. I highly recommend giving them an inquiry for future events or potential wedding leads! The fun began to escalate as the bride and groom took the opportunity to have an electrifying dance-off under the stars. These two were so real and kind, their chemistry was strong and they made it known on the dance floor and throughout the rest of the night. Words cannot express how precious their authenticity is.

Johnny and Sydney’s love for the Lord was evident in their character and testimony as well. It made an impact on their bridal party in an inspiring way, and let me tell you...the bridesmaid speeches were particularly heartfelt. Their words were honest and they stood out above all others, and I’ve had the privilege of overhearing quite a few speeches in the wedding arena. So genuine, which so appropriately embodies Johnny and Sydney as people. From square one they showed Sarah and I an overwhelming amount of kindness that we still remember fondly. It was a total privilege being a part of their wedding day, one that I do not take for granted. So cheers to the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Simmons!


Hannah Lee XX

Vendor Highlights

Venue: Project 658 & AC Marriott in Charlotte, NC

Videographer: Travis Karr Productions

Hair & Makeup Artist: Friend of Brides

Catering: Project 658

Dessert: Elijah Ochoa

Florals: Patty Davis

Wedding Gown: Ava Laurenne Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Joseph A. Bank

Writer + Blog Editor: Lindsay Combs