Weddings almost always come with a hitch, no pun intended. With a few surprises or unintended mishaps perhaps. This wasn’t the case with Brandon & Savannah’s wedding day. To everyone’s delight the day went by with an ease that made the environment especially serene and calm. As the bride and groom looked into one another’s eyes, the rusticly elegant surroundings melted away. Their love outshown the chandeliers and twinkle lights by a mile. Their engagement session felt the same way...the spark they shared was legitimately tangible as the posed for engagement portraits (like true pros I might add). I have no doubt that one of the reason’s why this wedding was so spectacular is due to the fact that God was glorified at every blissful moment. From the ceremony to the reception, He was honored faithfully. I was not surprised, I have known Savannah for quite some time and her deeply passionate love for Christ is evident in her life. Seeing a sister in Christ tie the knot was so precious, I was soblessed to partake and watch her day unfold. 

Both families joined together in prayer to lift up Brandon and Savannah during the ceremony. Prayer...that is by far the best way to create a strong foundation for your marriage. If God is at the center, then you'll be able to withstand anything. I’m not talking about the kind of marriage that is so often portrayed in the traditional fairytales we have grown up with. I refer to the kind that has weathered storm after storm, tear after tear, and heartbreak after heartbreak. Life hits hard sometimes, but God...those two words make ALL the difference. He created marriage afterall, He will equip for the covenant that He has created. The prayeful intentionality between Brandon and Savannah’s families brought tears to my eyes. I have no doubt that God will do amazing things in this new couple’s life together. 

The golden hour that the three of us shared together was FEIRCE! One of the most memorable moments at dusk I have had this year. The wind was raging, but the romance seemed to drown it out. between Savannah’s long romantic veil and awestruck demeanor (which fit so perfectly with the scenery). For any engaged ladies reading...if you are on the fence regarding downing a veil on your big day...just go for it! If you need any more convincing, then scroll down to see the evidence that it can be one of the most magical touches. Timeless and unforgettable to say the least. At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable and beatutiful. The “bridal glow” that everyone raves about is not myth and it can be reached as long as you stay true to YOUR taste. So go for the trendy heels or edgy accessories, you’ll look back with a fond smile and some memorable pictures. ;) 


Hannah XX

Vendor Highlights

Venue: Blue Ridge Vineyards

Hair & Makeup Artist: Emily Jackson, Brittany Thurston & Takeko Gwynn

Catering: Dona Hart

Dessert: Hanna Toliver

Florist: Vickie Chambers at Bonsack Kroger

Wedding Invitations: Shutterfly

Calligraphy: Isabella Bedrosian, Olivia Bedrosian, Rachel Lawson, and Katherine Lawson

Wedding Gown: Studio I Do

Bridesmaid Dresses: Birdy Grey

Groomsmen Attire: Men's Warehouse

Rental Companies: Aztec Rentals

Officiant: Tim Ragan

Writer + Blog Editor: Lindsay Combs