November 13th, 2020

When a visionary sets a dream into motion, magical things happen. We have heard it said, where there is a will there is a way. I firmly believe that if we set our minds to reaching for the stars that we can indeed touch them. God gave us all an intricate mind; it is only fitting to exercise our creative limits for His glory! With this being said, Brooke exuded the true spirit of a visionary that left me breathless on her inspiring wedding day. One may choose to believe that a setting or a gown can be the determining factor of a wedding’s success...but there is artistry in collaboration. In choosing the proper venue, wedding dress, and ambiance. This Autumn wedding was moody, whimsical, and romantic on every level just as this bride had hoped for. This bride not only created the masterpiece that is her wedding gown, but she decided to bake her own exquisite desserts and complete her own flawless makeup. She poured herself out ya’ll and the result was an evening that will never cease to remind me of a fairytale. 

     An exquisite 1926 Tudor Mansion, why not? A landscape filled with intricately manicured gardens and a spiral staircase straight from pinterest...yes please. Even a reflection pond in the back that reminded me of the one pictured in Disney’s beloved film, Mulan. I’m sure that by now you all realize this place is a one-of-a-kind dreamscape that many of us could only hope to visit in person. The property’s integrity has been maintained so immaculately that you can’t help but feel as if you have stepped into the pages of an old tale. All of that to say, a wedding venue is not the most precious element. It doesn’t matter how breathtaking the landscape may be, the secret ingredient to capturing a magical moment is wrapped up in the smiles and tenderness shared between lovers. True love easily outshines every other detail. 

     This particular wedding’s chemistry sparked as family and close friends arrived to celebrate this sweet couple. Many of these guests flew in from across the nation to support the new Mr. & Mrs. Yarrington. Much love was poured out on these two and it was SO special to behold such a strong support system. As the music played and good times ensued, iconic songs played in the background that made many guests reminisce. Nostalgia took over for some and old memories resurfaced for others. Once the moonlight engulfed the landscape the candles made the many shadows dance in a lively manner. Everything about this wedding was enchanting and raw. Brooke’s heart was poured into every aspect to create a beautiful canvas that reflected this couple’s unique class. The last wedding of the 2020 season was one for the books, ladies and gents. Now enjoy the gallery and don’t forget that I still have some openings for 2021! 


Hannah XX

Vendor Highlights

Venue: Stoneleigh Estate

Hair & Makeup Artist: The Village Salon Spa + Brooke Yarrington

Catering: Brooke Yarrington

Dessert: Brooke Yarrington

Calligraphy: Minted Invitations

Wedding Gown: Anomalie

Wedding Day Coordinator: Julie Eskew

Officiant: Family Friend - Loni

Writer + Blog Editor: Lindsay Combs