October 3rd, 2020

Home. A beautiful word that means something special for friend groups, families, or couples. Donovan and Taylor said that they felt at “home” with each other. There can be no denying, they have a dreamy connection surrounded by a sweet sense of friendship and true love for one another. Not because they “fell” in love...but because they chose it. Because God made it so and they listened to His whispers and direction that ultimately pointed them in the other’s direction. And the end result brought about an occasion which brought together two large families, some awesome friends, and a couple who shared an intimate connection. Their wedding day was raw and real. Their biggest emphasis was anchored in a sense of connection. Taylor wanted their 140 guests to feel their love and see it with their own eyes on that special day. I don’t doubt that everyone who attended felt their love radiating throughout the venue at every moment.

Taylor was ALL smiles on that lovely sun-kissed afternoon! Have you ever heard of the bridal glow? Let me tell ya’ll, it IS real and she is the proof (just look at the highlight reel below). Her beautiful smile shown brilliantly for all to see. I firmly believe that even if everything had gone haywire, Taylor would have chosen to be joyful. At the end of the day, she knew that she would become a wife to the most wonderful man. A man who committed to her for better or worse through all of life’s seasons. Commitment is a priceless gift in a world surrounded by temporary thrills. Love rooted in biblical commitment is the most priceless gift. To God be the glory for unions like these! As Taylor finally walked down the aisle, the floodgates opened and she could no longer hold back her emotion. After seven years of knowing Donovan she was FINALLY going to say I DO! This by far is one of my favorite moments from each wedding day that I shoot.

At sunset, the three of us quietly ran away from the reception to capture portraits in the golden sunlight. The reason is in the name, these pictures were totally breathtaking in their magical golden hue. Seeing Mr. & Mrs. Allen filled with total bliss made my job easy, all I had to do was watch their captivating relationship shine. Taylor prioritized this hour which I was so grateful for. Pictures speak a thousand words that give a glimpse into the past. They can act as a reminder of how far we’ve been brought and how blessed we truly are. I know that these two lovebirds will not regret stepping away, it was such a joy watching their captivating wedding day come to pass. Congratulations, Donovan and Taylor. Enjoy the beginning of your forever!


Hannah XX

Vendor Highlights

Venue: Braeloch on Glenburn Farms

Hair & Makeup Artist: Mother of the Bride

Videographer: Marc Meeuwissen with People Places Bikes

DJ: Bald Man Entertainment

Catering: Vito's Pizza

Dessert: Blue Cow Ice cream

Florist: Kroger

Wedding Gown: Studio I Do

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Writer + Blog Editor: Lindsay Combs