July 29th, 2020

Have you ever heard of this gem nestled in the peachy state of Georgia?! Providence Canyon is the “Little Grand Canyon” of Georgia, so google has told me. The gorgeous state park had me reminiscing back to my childhood when I actually got to visit the Grand Canyon!

I’ve been dreaming of photographing a couple down in an Arizona type atmosphere, hence not being able to make my way out west for the time being. When I had asked my sister-in-law and brother who just happened to live 45 minutes away from this rocky canyon, I was elated to hear they were totally up for the task!

We planned it alllll out! The braided red dress, which may have just walked out of Cleopatra’s closet. The plain white button down to add some class, the leather branded belt, shoes to give rustic character and the list goes on!

Everything fell into place per-fect-ly! We drove up to the state park, stepped out into a cloud of humidity and began our short trek into the clay filled Canyon! We can thank the farmers for their contribution to the canyon. Feel free to read up on the history of this place! The story is pretty crazy, all starting with a 5 ft. hole!

We were briskly walking the trail and yet Rachel was brave enough to hike all the way down in heels, with the help of her hubby over a few creek beds. The evening was just plain magical, even if Josiah may not have felt the overwhelming excitement with the constant stream of sweat dripping down his back. It was a hot one, but it was worth every minute! He may or may not thank me later…

I’ll never forget this sweet evening in that “Little Grand Canyon”. Making forever memories with my model-status of a family (I am somewhat bias). This session just had me itching for more! I can’t wait to keep exploring this gorgeous world, one session at a time! 


Hannah Lee XX