September 19th, 2020

 All love stories are incredible and preciously intimate, though I must say...this one struck me in a special way. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to share these newlyweds fairy-tale, so listen in readers. This blissful story began about 6 years ago in highschool, where Christian and Lindsay met in AP class. That’s right, these two are highschool sweethearts! Christian’s interest was piqued after Lindsay boldly approached one of his friends to relay that she found him handsome. They quickly formed an attraction after she made a move, and needless to say, it payed off. They went on their first date shortly after and a beautiful relationship began to form. Christian was especially enchanted and he had no problem saying as much. Have any of you heard the words, “I love you” on the first date? Because Lindsay did and she was slightly stunned! I believe that men sense they are with their soulmate early on. Call me crazy (or a hopeless romantic), but it’s like they have a sixth sense when it comes to soulmates. While Lindsay was certainly taken aback, she was not scared away. She knew there was something special with this guy.

     Fast-forward six years and this active couple found themselves in a cozy cabin situated in Gatlinburg TN. Christian claimed that he wanted the opportunity to relax before they each began new jobs within the upcoming weeks. Now, I know what you’re thinking...Lindsay must have sensed that he was planning a proposal. In a way she did, but she didn’t let her mind run away with the idea. Christian had invited each set of parents to be nearby for the proposal, which he knew was extremely important to Lindsay. These two were supposed to embark on a brisk hike before heading to brunch one morning, which was almost hindered since Lindsay was running late. Thankfully, they finally found themselves surrounded by nature a little while later. As they were exploring, Lindsay noticed a seemingly “shady” character ducking behind a tree. She was pretty creeped out! Christian knew that this was his last chance, so he knelt down and asked for Lindsay to become his wife! She said yes and he then replaced her promise ring with an engagement ring (are you tearing up yet?)! Then their parents surprised Lindsay and they all began to celebrate the engagement! Talk about a precious moment, am I right?

  WOW!! Love stories as magical as this one leave me totally speechless. I often choose to focus on the wedding itself but I couldn’t help reminiscing over this romance. I consider it an honor to be given a glimpse into every couple’s story. I have all of my affianced couples fill out a love questionnaire when we plan for their upcoming wedding and THIS is why! Getting to know my clients helps me picture their wedding day vision, plus I get to listen in on some pretty amazing love stories! If I were to describe the ambiance of the day I would say that rustically romantic would fit quite well. Lindsay wanted a southerly event filled with crystal chandeliers and robust wine barrels. Her dream was brought to life after some thorough planning paired with many helping hands. There are so many couples that choose a country themed wedding, but Lindsay's vision was more enchanting than I could have imagined. To top it all off, the weather was P E R F E C T! Everything a bride dreams of for an intimate backyard ceremony came to life. I regretted the fact that my other brides wouldn’t have the opportunity to use their stunning “venue,” since they were married in their family yard. At least we can all walk away with some breathtaking inspiration, right?

  I am certain that many of you are familiar with Studio I Do, a newer bridal studio located in downtown Roanoke. Their selection of wedding gowns are incredible (not to mention the dreamy interior of the studio). I don’t know about you...but the environment is just as important to me as the dress selection. Shopping for THE right dress is so exciting and who doesn’t want the entire experience to be magical (and picture-perfect)? Lindsay’s dress makes me rest my case. Her jaw-dropping A-line made all of my wedding dress dreams come to life! She totally ROCKED this dress and I know that Christian agreed with me. ;) The experience that these dress consultants offer deserve a shout-out as well. They are knowledgeable and have been known to make the experience relaxing. Wedding planning is a stressful endeavor, why not schedule the appointment and let the rest falling into place once you arrive at their studio! So please, check out their social media page and don’t forget to mention who sent you!


Hannah Lee XX

Vendor Highlights

Venue: Broman Family Home

Hair & Makeup Artist: Laci Fore Makeup Artistry + Paula Ballas at About Face Salon

DJ: Music, Music, and More Music DJ Services

Catering: Porter House Catering

Dessert: Family Members

Florist: Family Members

Wedding Invitations: Shutterfly

Wedding Gown: Studio I Do

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulu's

Groomsmen Attire: R. Coffee Ltd.

Writer + Blog Editor: Lindsay Combs